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Fifa Manager 09: why players lose skills

I got the following question through the "Ask me a question" form: Hey, why do my players keep losing points ? like with passing and stuff

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time management with gmail

How I love gmail! That’s really the best free service I could ever imagine. Even if they read all my emails, I don’t care.:) Gmail saves my time significantly now. Especially when the ‘Tasks’ feature has been added. You can have your TODO just with your gmail web application. Everything under hand, very convenient. So […]

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Introducing Ask Me a Question form

I’ve integrated a new feature in my blog. Everybody can ask me a question and get an answer in this blog. Of course, this form is mostly for common questions, so everybody can benefit from reading the answer right in a blog post. By “common questions” I mean the questions that are interesting at least […]

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Fifa manager 09: tactics, training and atmosphere

Some my experience in FIFA manager 09. I play for Benfica, Portugal. My brothers play for other Portugese teams: Porto and Sporting. The first season I played over 30 matches having zero defeats. My key to success is high teamwork and atmosphere. P.S. I play in 3D match mode.

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Keeping energy in FIFA manager 09

I decided to write this post because the first problem I faced being a FIFA manager 09 player was the low energy level of my team. Here is what I do now to avoid the problem: 1. Don’t set hard training if your team plays soon. Even if there is only one match in the […]

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FIFA manager 09 — team training

Some fifa manager players prefer to schedule long-term training conditions. I don’t, because I think that it is better to set training each Sunday depending on the current players energy and training progress. It is very hard to keep your players fresh, with high energy level. Below are some instructions on how to succeed in […]

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Fifa manager 09

Fifa Manager 09 — first experience Bugs in Fifa Manager 09. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed by numerous bugs in first release of Fifa manager 09. I was always a total club manager fan, so I was waiting for the new game with a large hope to get the best experience I could ever have, […]

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My first post in this blog

Hello! My name is Denis Vlasov and this is my first blog. I decided to start it because I have sometimes something to tell but don’t have appropriate audience close to me at the moment. Sometimes I want to write something for myself, sometimes I want to share my experience with others to help others […]

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