Fifa Manager 09 — first experience

Bugs in Fifa Manager 09. Frankly speaking, I was disappointed by numerous bugs in first release of Fifa manager 09. I was always a total club manager fan, so I was waiting for the new game with a large hope to get the best experience I could ever have, but unfortunately there are many bugs that spoil my experience. Some are not the bugs, some are simply things that disappoint me.

1.When I played the game in beginning, there were no system errors, but since one day every time I exit the game it returns windows error saying «Application tried to access memory…» (I believe many people know what I’m talking about). I’m not sure if it relates to my own system configuration (I disabled some windows services I don’t use for better system performance), but I think that good application should detect that necessary services are disabled by default and alarm the end user.

2.The next thing that disappoints me is that the game can die. It exited during the match only two times (and I’ve played over 100), but the facts make me worried.

3.The above two bugs are the ones I don’t like and then come the ones I can ignore (but why should I do it?) In 3D match there is always only one referee. As I know the first official patch will fix it.

4.In 3d match the commentators often call the teams as «Arsenal» and «Chelsea» (it makes me think I bought a demo :)) Hopefully, it will be fixed in the first patch as well.

5.In 3d match there are sometimes a 1-2 play between goalkeepers when one goalkeeper kicks the ball to another and vice-versa.

6.Sometimes players get into throw-in trap in 3d match, when they cannot get the ball back into game for several times (sometimes more than 8 throw-ins in a row)

7.Strikers don’t try to shoot in one touch even if they are just in front of the goal and the goalkeeper is already played out.

8.There is music played during international matches. It is good, but not always in time. For example, I don’t understand why music plays when my players are substituted (even if I’m losing in away match)

BTW, I bought the license version, so please don’t think that all of the bugs I face with are caused by pirated version.

There are many things in Fifa Manager 09 that make me pleased as well. Here is what I like:

1.You can make substitutions without any pause in 3d match.

2.More talent stars involved. There are now silver and gold stars (1 gold star equals 2 silver stars), so there are 10 talent levels. It makes the game more interesting as it is much more difficult to find a max-talent prospect.

3.The tactics screen became better. It’s hard to explain, you’d better see it. It is now more convenient to manage individual orders. You can assign it to a certain position or to a certain player.

And finally, I’d like to warn the pirated users that you will be fired from your club every time in the end of the season. It’s better to spend some money for license (of course, if you can leave with the bugs I mentioned above)