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Creating Concrete5 Themes book by Remo Laubacher [review]

I’ve just finished reading “Creating Concrete5 Themes” book by Remo Laubacher. I decided to read this book not because I don’t know how to create concrete5 themes, but because I need a manual resource by hand that I could refer my assistant (junior developer) to. Especially if I hire somebody who is rather good at […]

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Where to find the config details of magento

Developers often have to do some work related to database, such as backups, database edits, etc. But usually the clients don’t even know what is MySQL database and where to get the database access details, they usually give just FTP or hosting control panel access. Even if you have access to hosting cPanel, there might […]

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how to enable https in drupal

Just a note for myself, but maybe will help somebody too.:-) To enable HTTPS in Drupal: Go to ‘site building’ -> secure pages: enable secure pages; set up rules; don’t forget to add rules for css and javascripts, otherwise you will get notices in browsers saying that some content is not secured.

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concrete5 templates: 5 themes in a single pack

For those who is just looking to select a concrete5 theme for his/her website, I’ve prepared another bundle pack. This one is different from the concrete5 themes pack I created before and the installation process should go even faster.

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Download 10 concrete5 themes in one pack

I’ve created a bundle pack with 10 free concrete5 themes found on Download it here:

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new theme for concrete5 users – lightword

Smart Web Projects released another theme for concrete5 audience: I really like this theme, because it is: – simple and clean; – universal (can be used for any website & purpose); – simply nice.

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database functions in cms made simple

When I worked with cms made simple the first time, I had to spend some time to learn how to operate with mysql database. This reference guide is my attempt to help those who are just beginning with cms made simple and doing the first steps in customizing this wonderful content management system. I hope […]

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adding modifier in smarty template engine

I found 2 ways to add custom modifier in smarty template engine. The first way is using ‘plugins’ directory and putting a php file with your modifier there. The second way is writing your own function and then registering it as modifier.

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New theme for concrete5 cms – atahualpa

I’m glad to introduce just another wordpress theme converted for concrete5 cms. atahualpa theme has 2 sidebars and main central area for content.

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Disabling version check in CMS Made Simple

Today I had some problems with internet connections, so I decided to work locally on the current project which is based on cms made simple. I started local server, and opened the cms made simple admin. It took several seconds to load…

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