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How to scroll page with jQuery

Every web developer will face with this question some time. Some prefer to create workarounds, some are searching for ready solutions over world wide web. I really like jQuery and use its power and simplicity to perform tasks like scrolling the page down or top to a certain place.

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simple usability – ask for confirmation

I often get confused if an accidental click on some link removes some data I need on a particular resource. I do not understand why the site webmaster is not able to add just one line that might allow to avoid many bad situations when some data is lost irretrievably.

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javascript prependChild

You might know appendChild method which allows you to add an element to the end of another. Like this: someParentObject = document.getElementById(“someid”); … someChildObject = document.createElement(“div”); someChildObject.innerHTML = ‘Content’; // append the someChildObject to the end of someParentObject someParentObject.appendChild(someChildObject); But what to do if you want to add the child object to the very beginning […]

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