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What should come with img tag

I often work with 3rd party code and I’m often confused by so much html code. SEO professionals know that text/code ratio is very important so you should save every byte of code when it’s possible. Today I want to focus on image tag and the ways people use it in a bad (or just […]

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new theme for concrete5 users – lightword

Smart Web Projects released another theme for concrete5 audience: I really like this theme, because it is: – simple and clean; – universal (can be used for any website & purpose); – simply nice.

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New theme for concrete5 cms – atahualpa

I’m glad to introduce just another wordpress theme converted for concrete5 cms. atahualpa theme has 2 sidebars and main central area for content.

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Cellspacing and cellpadding alternative in css

Frankly speaking, I’ve been always using <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="1"> It was not a question for me until some time whether these attributes of <table> tag have its css alternative. The solution has been found rather quickly and the use is very simple.

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3 ways to plug custom css stylesheet in cmsms

There are 3 basic ways to plug custom CSS file in cms made simple (if you use your imagination and experience, you can create more, but these ones are the easiest and the most natural). I believe this tutorial might be useful for the ones who just began using CMS Made Simple.

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css vertical-align

Recently I faced with a problem trying to figure out how to make div content vertically aligned to bottom. I failed. The issue is that vertical-align doesn’t work for block elements. Workaround solution is to put the div content inside table and apply vertical-align to td: <div class="class"><table><tr><td>content</td></tr></table></div> .class table { height: 100%; } .class […]

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how to remove padding in IE

Inexperienced XHTML integrator might get stuck with an IE problem when there is space appeared without any reasons. For example, it can happen if you create a small div block with little height: <div style=”height: 2px;background-color: green;”> It will not be 2px in IE. It will be more. Try this solution: <div style=”height: 2px;font-size:2px;line-height:1px;background-color: green;”>

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minimal font size supported by browsers

Do you know that the minimal font-size that can be set in CSS and will be supported by Opera is 10px? I mean that font-size: 8px;,font-size: 9px; and font-size: 10px; will look in Opera the same. Not a good thing for a good browser I think. Firefox supports even 1px (of course, you’ll read nothing, […]

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