I decided to write this post because the first problem I faced being a FIFA manager 09 player was the low energy level of my team. Here is what I do now to avoid the problem:

1. Don’t set hard training if your team plays soon. Even if there is only one match in the week end, don’t set training harder than "Friendly".

2. Some of the training sessions are more energy consuming, some are less. Here are the ones that take less energy from out of your players: short passing, technique, mental skills and other. Fitness training and training for physical skills are the most energy consuming.

3. Focus on fitness training during preseason. I try to get the maximum level in the first 2-3 weeks of the season, usually 90-100 is ok. When the first officials begin, I stop training fitness. It allows me to focus on tactics and other sessions.

4. Don’t use physical training too many. I usually set 5-10 percent for physical skills. It is usually enough to keep players fresh.

5. Even if you don’t make your players die on trainings, it doesn’t guarantee they are always fresh. The more matches in a row a player takes part in, the more fatigue he becomes. Give a rest to your player every 3-5 matches.

6. Focus on training stamina in individual trainings of the player if it is below 60 level (depends on how strong your league is).