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some concrete5 tricks

Some time ago I was asked a question (through the form you see on the right). Here is the question: hello, so i tried setting up some new functions in C5, including a breadcrumb and a more "blog like" interface .. both of them come up with parsing errors, it must be that i’m not […]

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Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL

Installing apache, php and mysql on ALT Linux I’ve installed ALT Linux Lite on my laptop because windows XP worked very slow there (my laptop is outdated :)). When I decided to install apache there, I got some problems. This post is for people who have troubles with gcc on ALT linux. Here is the […]

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if php expert editor slows down

If your PHP Expert Editor software (author: Ankord Development group) gets very slow, most probably the issue is caused by the fact that there are too many cursor positions remembered in the configuration file of php expert editor. Php expert editor saves current cursor position for every file you open in php expert editor. All […]

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concrete5 – cms of the future?

Some time ago I found concrete 5 among the featured products on SF. I was quiet interested in trying that software. Starting with you. The archive of the latest version is just 3MB (usually heavy cms software takes much more space). The software is released under friendly MIT license and that is good for developers […]

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How to learn php

Tips for php beginner I learned php basics in 2 weeks. More than 2 years passed since that time and I’m still learning php. So my first tip is «Don’t try to learn everything in php. You don’t need it to be sucessful php programmer.» Here is a short plan on how to start learning […]

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