I got the following question through the "Ask me a question" form:

Hey, why do my players keep losing points ? like with passing and stuff

I don’t know an exact answer to this question, but I’m ready to share and discuss some of my thoughts:

1. Players lose points when they are in bad form for several matches in a row. I don’t know how to improve the player’s form for sure, just have them play in their best condition and with a good tactics for their skills and playing style.

2. When players have a long-term injury, they lose skills. I assume everybody knows that.

3. If a player has low energy, he will train worse. Most likely it will cause losses in physical skills and maybe in other skill areas.

4. If you focus on certain skills only, the players will lose other points. Rotate the trainings on regular basis.

5. Most likely the low morale will also cause some negative in player’s training process. Fortunately, I don’t know about this. My players never have morale lower than 90.

6. Bad training facilities. The 1st level of training facilities will allow only weak players to improve. If you have Messi training somewhere in backyard for several months, I assume he will lose some skills and maybe health.:-) Improve the training facilities at the first opportunity when you have enough money in the club budget.

7. Bad manager or assistant manager level. Try hiring experienced assistant manager and trying moving important players to his group. Watch if this changes the situation.

8. Player has reached out his potential. You cannot fix it. Just think about selling the player and buying another with higher potential.

Anything else?