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Creating Concrete5 Themes book by Remo Laubacher [review]

I’ve just finished reading “Creating Concrete5 Themes” book by Remo Laubacher. I decided to read this book not because I don’t know how to create concrete5 themes, but because I need a manual resource by hand that I could refer my assistant (junior developer) to. Especially if I hire somebody who is rather good at […]

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concrete5 templates: 5 themes in a single pack

For those who is just looking to select a concrete5 theme for his/her website, I’ve prepared another bundle pack. This one is different from the concrete5 themes pack I created before and the installation process should go even faster.

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new theme for concrete5 users – lightword

Smart Web Projects released another theme for concrete5 audience: I really like this theme, because it is: – simple and clean; – universal (can be used for any website & purpose); – simply nice.

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New theme for concrete5 cms – atahualpa

I’m glad to introduce just another wordpress theme converted for concrete5 cms. atahualpa theme has 2 sidebars and main central area for content.

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some concrete5 tricks

Some time ago I was asked a question (through the form you see on the right). Here is the question: hello, so i tried setting up some new functions in C5, including a breadcrumb and a more "blog like" interface .. both of them come up with parsing errors, it must be that i’m not […]

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concrete 5.3.0 review – new experience

Yesterday, I’ve downloaded and tried the latest version of concrete5, which is 5.3.0 at the moment. I just used it for one of my latest projects (I’m helping my cousin to set her website, she is an interior designer).

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customizing sitemap.xml in concrete5

I had to customize sitemap.xml for my concrete5 to suit my needs. You might find it useful I hope. So, the first problem is that change frequency for all pages defaults to ‘monthly’. There are 2 ways to solve this problem: If you want to change ‘monthly’ to another value (for example, ‘weekly’) for all […]

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Just another concrete5 template – oriental

New theme for concrete5 (again converted from WP)

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concrete5: Invalid file extension error

If you face with an error stating "Invalid file extension" when you try to upload some file to your concrete5 website, don’t worry. You can fix it by yourself. I got such error when tried to upload a .zip archive. So here is a solution: 1. Open /concrete/config/base.php 2. Find the following line: define(‘UPLOAD_FILE_EXTENSIONS_ALLOWED’, ‘*.flv;*.jpg;*.gif;*.jpeg;*.docx;*.xla;*.png;*.swf;*.doc; […]

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creating a theme in concrete5

I was really impressed by concrete5. It provides so many ways for its customization. It took me not so much time to convert one of my templates into concrete5 theme. The process is really simple for anyone having basic experience in web development. So the basic steps are: 1. Create a new folder in themes […]

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