Some fifa manager players prefer to schedule long-term training conditions. I don’t, because I think that it is better to set training each Sunday depending on the current players energy and training progress.
It is very hard to keep your players fresh, with high energy level. Below are some instructions on how to succeed in it.

The first thing to do is — hire 2 good assistant managers. Of course, you should stay within your budgets. You need assistants because when you begin the game your level is low (level 1), so training all players in your group will give a zero or negative effect. Keep as less players in your own group, as possible, until you reach a manager level of at least 3.

The next thing is make all your players 100% fit. Hire fitness trainer in the beginning of the season. Schedule more fitness sessions in the first several weeks until you get 90-100 fitness points for each player in your squad.

Once you make all your players 100% fit, you can exclude fitness from all your next weeks. If any player looses fitness, you can move him to a separate group and restore fitness for him individually. There is no need to train fitness for players who are already fit.

To keep your players fresh, try not to set training sessions harder than ‘friendly’. Just don’t use fitness and keep physical training on 10%-20% level. Keep ‘Recovery’ on the second level and always have ‘no training’ on 10%-20% level so your players will not lose atmosphere.

If your tactics levels are low, focus on tactical training. But don’t make it more than 30-35% as players might lose morale. Focus on the weakest tactics if some is very low.

That’s it for now.