Today I had some problems with internet connections, so I decided to work locally on the current project which is based on cms made simple. I started local server, and opened the cms made simple admin. It took several seconds to load…

It was quiet strange. I understood that most probably it was trying to connect some internet resource. I checked the file ‘admin/header.php’ and found there a code snippet performing forced software version check. It depends on global setting calle ‘urlcheckversion’.

So, I went to admin backend, then opened
Site admin -> Global settings

On this page you can find a text field with the following label:
Check for new CMS versions using this URL:

If this url is the word "none" no checks will be made.
An empty string will result in a default URL being used.

It’s empty by default. I set it to "none", so I can work quickly with CMS Made Simple locally even when internet connection is down.

P.S. I don’t like when any software is doing requests without my written permission.:-)