If your PHP Expert Editor software (author: Ankord Development group) gets very slow, most probably the issue is caused by the fact that there are too many cursor positions remembered in the configuration file of php expert editor.

Php expert editor saves current cursor position for every file you open in php expert editor. All the data is being collected in C:/Program files/Php Expert Editor X.X/phpxedit.ini The larger the size gets the more problem it cause for your operation system (RAM is limited :))

I managed to resolve the problem by editing the phpxedit.ini in the notepad. Find the following line:


Then all the files you’ve opened will go. Clear all that stuff so the lines are as follows:


Save the file. Start php expert editor.

Enjoy your php expert editor being much faster!

P.S. You can switch the setting off. Open Options, then Editor options, the Advanced and disable Save cursor position for each file