Recently I’ve been searching for a database modeling system in order to complete a documentation for my new project. I found an opensource solution named fabForce DBDesigner 4. I was amazed by its options and functionality. And it’s totally free (open source, the project is available on sourceforge).

I use only PHP/MySQL in my major projects, so I needed the database design tool for this database management system. What DBDesigner can do:

You can create a database model, describe all tables in the database and set relations of all kinds, such as non-identifying/identifying, 1:1, 1:n and n:m relations.

The tool can also be used to synchronize your model with existing database. It can also generate database installation scripts (set of sql queries).

The database model can be exported as JPEG image.

I would recommend the software for people working on complex projects with extensive use of MySQL database. Database modeling before going forward with the coding can save much time later as you will know where you are going and what your aim is.

In the next blog post I will continue reviewing the software for project planning and modeling.