I’ve been writing a module for OpenERP and noticed that if you don’t specify license for your module in __terp__.py file, it will default to GPL-2. If you need to use another license, you will have to add "license" field in your __terp__.py file.

So, here is an example for OpenERP module __terp__.py:

 "name" : "Products & Pricelists",
 "version" : "1.0",
  "author" : "Open",
  "category" : "Generic Modules/Inventory Control",
  "depends" : ["base", "account"],
  "init_xml" : [],
  "demo_xml" : ["product_demo.xml"],
  "update_xml" : ["product_data.xml","product_report.xml", "product_wizard.xml","product_view.xml", "pricelist_view.xml"],
  "installable": True,
  "active": True

I’ve tried adding a custom license first, just like

 "license" : "My license",

But OpenERP has triggered an error while updating modules list. The error said: "ValidateError: The value ‘My license’ is not in the selection list"

I’ve done a research and found out that only the following values can be used in the license field:

  • GPL-2
  • GPL-2 or any later version
  • GPL-3
  • GPL-3 or any later version
  • Other proprietary

I tried ‘Other proprietary’ and it worked. Though the module form shows nothing in the license field, at least it is not GPL-2 which I didn’t wanted to see there.